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Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister
Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister

Ideas for life! This banner of Panasonic continues to soar high as it goes more than concept creations, but transforming those brilliant ideas into world-class innovations. Panasonic doesn’t run out of quality products since 1909 and has been dedicated to good housekeeping.


Canister vacuum is one of the two popular variants in vacuum cleaning for hardwood floors. Conventionally, it was believed that upright vacuum cleaners are the more powerful type of vacuums and an exclusive option for people who have carpeted homes. But today, this is not the issue anymore. Currently, canister vacuum cleaners defy the limits as it competes with other expensive brands with its power and cleaning ability. This has been considered by many reviewers.


Ingeniously manufactured by Panasonic, this canister machine delivers both convenience in household cleaning and the ease of maneuvering throughout your home. With its compact size and powerful 12 amp motor, keeping your house completely clean is simply a breeze. Whether it’s from kitchen floors to couches to bed underneath and over window treatments, MC-CG902 is your right kind of choice!


Easy-to-use Design

Vacuum cleaning will never be cumbersome, as canister vacuum features an ergonomic, closed-hoop handle that offer on/off button, together with an on/off bare-floor selection that stop up the agitator to have a secure uncovered-floor cleaning. With its manual 4-position height regulator, you can ensure the appropriate adjustment for the vacuuming job. In addition, the unit’s wide nozzle of 14 inches cleans more space area in fewer passes. And here’s more. The curved easy-grip handle which is integrated into the model’s main body—makes for expedient maneuvering and carrying up and down the steps.


Versatility of On-board Tools

To give extra versatility, MC-CG902 has an array of handy tool attachments. It includes a floor brush intended for bare floor spaces and a dusting brush made for delicate fixtures like lamp shades as well as tabletops. Meanwhile, the upholstery brush cleans very well for chairs in your living room including upholstered furniture. Quick suction of crumbs or specks is provided by the crevice tool from in between sofa cushions and other confined locations. In addition, two extra wands are also an efficient addition to the unit which makes for a simple access to hard-reach spots like around light fixtures overhead or far back corners of furniture. For easy access, all tools are stored safely placed under the lid.


Detailed Features

Panasonic was brilliant in coming up with this kind of product concept. Imagine the plenty of benefits that you can get with this vacuum cleaner. Here’s a complete list of the power-packed features of MC-CG902 Canister Vacuum.

  • Amperage: 12 ampere- motor that gives an incredible performance
  • Double motor system: The powered nozzle provides gentler way of cleaning your carpet and longer belt life.
  • On/Off Control Switch on Handle: A finger-touch convenience that turns the cleaner on and off.
  • Easy On/off selection for bare-floor tasks: A convenient on/off switch closes the agitator for bare-floor cleaning safety
  • Sleek and convenient handle: The arched carrying top handle of MC-CG902 makes for easy transporting and maneuvering of the vacuum, that’s less of an errand.
  • A quick swivel device: The unit’s hose swivel (360 degrees) allows for great cleaning in any course without twisting the 6 feet hose
  • 4-manual height positions: With just a simple finger touch, you can adjust the settings into four positions for about any height of carpet.
  • Headlight: The headlight found just on the front of the model automatically turns on so you don’t overlook a spot.
  • 14-inch-wide nozzle: A wider cleaning path allows you to clean bigger areas in less time.
  • HEPA filter system: this is the one of the most important feature that captures minute particles including irritants, allergens and air pollutants.
  • Automatic recoiling cord: With just a light tap, the automatic rewinding cord is activated easily.


Product Pros

When I say it’s terrific, it’s really terrific! Panasonic’s Canister Vacuum has all what it takes to be on my top 5.

  • The curved easy-to-grip handle enables you to clean the stairs easily.
  • Brushes are good in quality, with real hair bristles on the dust brush
  • Cord reel button works fantastically!
  • Sturdy but not impractically heavy
  • Good standings in consumer test reports (that alone will convince you)
  • The shape of the canister bag is simply nice-looking.
  • It comes with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval (you should know that!)


Product Cons

For some consumer reviews, the burgundy color is quite a turn-off but I think it’s just a matter of personal choice and for some the lack of having an additional accessory attachments. Overall, the canister vacuum has the best qualities to boast of.



In terms of convenience,  suction capacity, simplicity and cleaning power, this is certainly on of the best option in store. This is one of the best vacuums among the canister types. I highly recommend this cleaning device and further explanation isn’t needed. Take it from the innovator alone- it’s a name worth of your money and trust. Thumbs up to Panasonic!