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Vacuums For Home


In line with the leaps of development specifically in the electronics and other technologies is the notion of environmental concern. We have heard a lot of issues around about the “friendliness” of modern tools and equipments. For cleaning devices in particular, we hardly see readers that tell us about a cleaning machine giving an assurance of safe and sound environment.  But here’s the good news- there is exactly a type of vac that suits your standards in maintaining a thoroughly clean environment. This is the goal of Electrolux, a major company who introduced its latest eco-friendly cleaning device- the UltraSilencer Green Canister Vacuum Cleaner, model EL6984A.


Here’s a cleaning machine that fits for you who wants more than pleasant surroundings as well as having a premium vacuum cleaner. Consumers have chosen this brand instead of other brands, and this entire review will prove to you the secret nuggets of Electrolux on how they have convinced the market to put trust on their vacuum device.  Ultra Silencer is a sturdy, quiet, and easier vacuum model designed to give you extra comfort while accommodating your house cleaning needs and of course, the silence as the name of the product implies. Ultra Silencer comes with a motor that is highly efficient, and produces only 65 DBA noise effect. This unit is manufactured with 55 percent of recycled plastic materials and the packaging comes from 80 percent re-used unbleached cardboard. It also includes accessory tools intended for multipurpose cleaning.


Absolutely User-friendly like no other

Ultra Silencer Green Canister Vacuum combines a design with easy-to-use features that makes for a convenient and stress-free home cleaning. This portable model maneuvers efficiently from one place to another with its two big wheels, and shifts effortlessly from rugs to carpets uncovering floor areas like linoleum, tile or hardwood. Just slide the hard-floor hooter into position or the pedal on the carpet and you’ll make a transition from “normal” to “brush”.


Complete Array of On-board Attachments

For tasks that involve above-floor locations, the machine provides a selection of involved accessories for thorough cleaning performance. It includes a telescopic wand, a crevice tool, a hose with its handle, and a combined nozzle/brush for bookshelves, curtains, frames and others. More additions are a high-powered motor, low noise production of only 60 DBA, a motor filter (replaceable), and a bag-full gauge. In addition, this canister vac comes with a special foot-operated button as well as a transporting handle. The variable suction power features allows suction regulator on the cleaner and also on the hose handle. When done, a foot lever recoils the long cord into the vacuum for solid storage. Also included in the unit is an “S dust bag”. Ultra Silencer Green Canister has a measurement of 12.5×14 inches and holds a exclusive warranty of two-years.


The Great Green Innovation

A healthier world in mind- this is the concept behind the vacuum’s construction features. It is built with 55 % plastic from recycled materials, and 80 percent of its overall packaging is made from re-used unbleached cardboard.

Speaking scientifically, Electrolux understands well the life-cycle of the product that is why they have distinguished the amount of energy consumed from the manufacturing phase, at work and the time it is disposed. UltraSilencer Green utilizes 33% less energy and is crafted with 55% recycled plastic. It simply demonstrates the effect and potential advantages an elegant vacuum cleaner can possess on a consumer’s carbon footprint.

To be more specific, Electrolux aimed to modify the notion that high wattage matches a superior cleaning action, by offering the same outcome of cleanup with lesser energy. As you smartly purchase this product, you are communicating the cause of making a change for a better climate- engaging every consumer to create a significant contribution for our Mother Earth.


The Vacuum in its Fullness

UltraSilencer Green Vacuum has it all. It offers an excellent, top air cleaning action. The machine’s carrying handle is simply ergonomic so transporting the device is hassle-free. It is built with an electronic power control which provides the required capacity needed for a total cleaning satisfaction. Unlike any other vacuum cleaner, this machine furnishes a different kind of environmental concept- Silent Technology through its 65 DBA sound output. With this feature, cleaning your homes won’t be disturbing anymore, hence, it’s an extra comfort for everybody else. It has also a three-in-one tool in handle for your convenience. More of that, the unit has specially-designed stair bumpers for upright stability and smooth wheels for complete quietness. The awesome rinsable HEPA filter is still included in the package for trapping allergens and pollen.


Product Pros

Here are the most remarkable feedbacks that most consumers revealed after a smart purchase.

  • maneuverability - simply convenient and portable
  • silence - simply the best in terms of quietness
  • eco-friendly and economically effective-made from recyclable materials
  • production design - brilliant and impressive with its light, and smooth look
  • suction power - great for bare floor cleaning; the cord is literally retractable
  • accessory tools are worth the inclusion - very functional
  • price - worth the convenience and performance it offers
  • Overall - elegant, fabulous and efficient canister vacuum!

Product Cons

  • it may only work great on wood floors compared on carpets
  • plastic may occur flimsy for somebody


The bottom line: This is a great vacuum that you should own especially if your house has more floors without a carpet. Many attest to this testimony and the proof must be exposed in your homes. I highly recommend this unit even apart from the vacuum reviews that I’ve referred to. In terms of the specific standards that you seek for a vacuum, UltraSilencer can give it all plus more benefits. There’s no other vacuum that offers you an eco-friendly design and a guaranteed silent cleaning.